6 Tips I Followed to Help Prepare for a Milestones Session

Hey guys! It's Katie here, writing a post about what helped me prepare for Everly's 6 Month Milestones Session!

1) Timing is Key! Schedule a time for the session that works well with your child's nap routine. If you live close - plan a time shortly after they typically wake up. Since I live 45 minutes out of town, I always plan on the car ride being our nap. I try to schedule everything around 11 am or 3 pm, so I can just pop her in the car for her nap. 


2) Give Yourself an Extra 15-20 Minutes! A quick feed and diaper change right before the photoshoot will help keep baby full and happy. This way you will be ready to go when your session is scheduled to start, and the photographer will be able to capture as many cute memories as possible! It will also give you some buffer time for any unforeseen circumstances, like a traffic jam or a diaper blowout.

3) Dress Baby in Something Quick and Easy to Take Off. Dressing your child in the clothes you want them to be photographed in can be risky! I don't trust my kiddo to not to spit up, drool, or get her clothes dirty somehow along the way during the car ride to the studio. I dress her in an easy-to-slip-off sleeper and bring my outfits with me. 

4) Bring Options! Pack a variety of clothing options for anyone who will be in the portraits...

KC has a great eye for color, and I like to bring around 3-4 options to let her choose which ones work best with the backgrounds and which ones look best put together. I like to pick a light/dark option as well as a print/solid option. They don't have to be 4 separate items - you can do a light solid and a dark print or any combination. 

5) Make it Yours! KC loves to incorporate items or ideas into a photoshoot that have special meaning to you and your family...

If you have special newborn props or a special pose you would like to do, let your photographer know ahead of time so she can come up with some options on how to make it happen. If you have a Pinterest board of ideas - send them on over before the shoot. Make sure to let her know which ones are most important to you in case she can't get to them all!

6) Most importantly - HAVE FUN! These tips are to help reduce the stress of preparing for the photoshoot, and allow you to truly enjoy your child's session...

Have fun with your kids and make them laugh. Some of my favorite pictures are the candid ones that I didn't even realize were being taken! Don't worry if you think it's not going perfectly - you might have to stop for an extra feeding or diaper change - just don't sweat it. KC and I will guide you through your session and you will have amazing photos to look back on! 

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Katie King
Photography Assistant


I grew up and went to college in the mountains of North Carolina. After moving around the country, I landed in Northern Michigan and don’t think I’ll ever leave!

My husband and I have a small hobby farm that keeps me busy most days. I also love gardening, hiking, stand up paddle boarding, bonfires, and playing cards.

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